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Sunday, July 3, 2011

So Far So Good...

Levi's been so good all weekend!  Very calm and content.  We were going to go to the fireworks display last night, but he was running a low grade fever (I think from teething) and we didn't want to take him out in the heat, so we stayed home and relaxed.  We gave him another bath in the big tub and he's just so cute!  He relaxes as soon as his little body feels the warm water.  I usually dread washing him up and leave it till last because he cries, but last night he let me wash his entire body, including his face and hair, without even a peep.  He didn't cry until we took him out. lol  He does love his bath!  I'm wanting to take him to the pool soon.  The doctor said it would be okay and I'm sure being in deeper water will feel wonderful on his little leg muscles.

He is still having seizures, although they seem to be decreasing even more.  They seem to be clustering more, but he has fewer episodes.  I will probably count them tomorrow so I can give our regular neurologist a good idea of what's going on when I talk to her Tuesday.  We are going to a bbq at our friend Kyle's house this evening and are looking forward to having a fun time! 

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