Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hip Dysplasia, etc

We have been in the hospital since Saturday morning. Levi's screaming bouts have gotten continuously worse and no one seems to know why.  Patrick and I think it is belly related, since he always screams after a feeding.  He will be going for an Upper GI in a bit and we are praying that this gives us the answers we need!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Levi's Not Feeling Well :(

Levi is having a lot of pain again, I believe it's all the gas in his belly.  He saw a GI specialist on Tuesday and she changed his acid reflux medicine and put him on rice cereal in every bottle.  It doesn't seem to be helping, and last night and this morning he has just been screaming in pain.  Thankfully a warm bath relaxed  him and he is sleeping.  His belly is very distended with gas and hard to the touch.  We are waiting for the doctor to call us back.  Please pray that they get to the bottom of this and figure out the solution to take his pain away quickly!  Last week he had such a nice week, but the last few days have been extremely hard for him, and for us!  Thanks for your prayers!