Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Merry Christmas

Levi participated in several holiday related activities at school this month.  He went shopping for us, saw Santa Claus, and sang carols.  Christmas Eve we had dinner at Aunt Heidi's house and then went to church for the candlelight service.  It was beautiful as usual. 

Christmas morning dawned early.  We had all our family at our house for a big dinner.  What a grand time!

Levi is still doing well!  It's been three months now since the last time he vomited (something that used to be a daily occurrence).  In only a few weeks of school, we notice that he's grown much stronger.  He is more interested in everything around him, and has the desire and motivation to hold his head  up better.  He's been so happy!  For so long I prayed that he would feel better and get to be happy, and now those prayers have been granted.  It's a glorious time!

He has had a bit of an increase in seizures this last month, since taking the last step down from Phenobarbital, to just a quarter pill.  We were scheduled to completely stop it on January 1st, but have decided to extend it to February 1st, due to the seizure increase.  Even still, they are way below the number that he used to have every day.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to a Happy New Year!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Third Birthday and First Day of School

Wow this day has gone by fast!  Levi turned three today!  Mom and I drove him to school for his first day.  He cried at the beginning, but by the time we left he was calmly laying on his side looking at toys.  When Tommy and I picked him up we peeked in the window before heading in.  He was sitting in his chair like a big boy, relaxed.  The teacher told me that when they took his braces off after we left his foot seemed to be hurt, so they called the physical therapist in to look at it.  She thinks it's injured.  His ankles have been tight and begun to turn inward over the last few months.  I'm not sure what's wrong but he has an appointment with the pediatrician in the morning.  Hopefully it's just sore from being stretched more often than he's used to.

As soon as we got home he had a warm bath and put on his new fleece birthday jammies.  Well who can resist the comfort of those?  He fell right asleep, and has been napping off and on ever since.  The poor little guy is worn out!

Graduation from Early Intervention (at home therapy)

Dressed for the first day of school!

Cuddling with Tommy after school :)