Saturday, January 16, 2016

Orthopedic Surgery, Eating REAL Food!

A couple weeks ago Levi had surgery to lengthen his Achilles tendon so his feet would no longer point downward.  Both legs are casted up to the thighs, with his feet in a flat, slightly out-turned position, to correct the inward turn of the ankles.  He's done very well after the surgery.  Oddly enough, this week seems to be the worst, I'm not sure if his legs itch or if he's fighting the casts and trying to move his legs.  At any rate, the casts come off in a few days.  At that time, Levi will be molded for new braces, and will receive short casts until the braces are made, which should be a week or so.  All in all, it hasn't been overly difficult, and should make a tremendous difference for Levi as far as comfort, as well as learning to stand and walk.  It's an exciting time!

He's also been sick recently.  He's had an ear infection for the last few weeks, the antibiotics don't seem to help much, so he received an antibiotic shot and a referral to ENT to have tubes put in his ears.

Most exciting, we decided to put Levi on a real food, or blenderized, diet.  He still eats the majority of food through his feeding tube, but we are no longer using formulas for all his nutrition.  In fact, he just receives a few ounces overnight of Compleat Pediatric, a formula that is made with real food ingredients.  Throughout the day, he gets a combination of baby foods and regular food blended to a thin consistency.  Since we started this about six weeks ago, Levi has not thrown up once!

Thanks for your continued prayers for our sweet Levi!