Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Perfect Day

I think yesterday may well have been the very best day Levi has ever had!  He woke with smiles, and even though he was happy, I was a bit nervous about the drive to the neurology office 40 minutes away.  He usually screams in the car, and in strollers as well.  He was content to watch out the window and the way the sun played on the roof of the van with not even a hint of fussing, all the way to the office.  He sat in the stroller the entire time we were there, and even rode home happy!  To top it all off, we went out to eat, and he sat in his new Squiggles seat (a cross between a wheelchair and stroller) and nodded off while we ate.  It was truly a glorious day!  Today I took him shopping for school shoes (he starts in less than 3 weeks!) and clothes.  He sat in the stroller, let me try on countless shoes, charmed a few ladies (we visited with our friend Sharon), and remained quiet in the car while we did some running.

I feel like we've finally turned a corner for the better, and for good this time!  I'm not entirely sure what we did last month to make everything better.  It may be one, or the combination, of removing the tonsils and adenoids, changing formula, and starting the motility med, Reglan.  I'm thinking that his throat may have hurt all the time.  His tonsils were always red and bumpy.  Our speech therapist, Kathryn, wonders if maybe he was spiking small infections.  That makes so much sense!  For over a year I was concerned because he would run low grade fevers for days or even weeks at a time.  The doctors were never worried about it.  He hasn't done that since the surgery, though.

Another benefit of the tonsillectomy is improved swallowing.  He has been sucking on his hands and whatever else he can get into his mouth.  In July of 2012 he stopped taking the bottle, and stopped sucking, so this is definitely a big deal!  He chews on his toothbrush and toys, and your finger if you're unlucky enough to get that close.  I scheduled a swallow study for the day before Thanksgiving, and am praying that he does well.  If so, he'll be able to eat with us for the holidays!  He's not been allowed to have anything to eat or drink by mouth for the last year and a half.  I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself!

It's so nice to have good news to report!  Seeing him happy and growing is worth all that we've been through the last few years.  Please continue to keep him in your prayers!

Levi riding in stroller.

Speech therapy with Miss Kathryn.

Sleeping in Squiggles seat.