Friday, February 1, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Levi (and Mommy) have reached a very important milestone.  Last night we took the crib out of our room and put it away.  Levi slept in his very own room in his big boy toddler bed all night long!  He's been taking naps in his room for quite a while.  I was the one too nervous to move him into his own room.  With the help of the Angelcare monitor we just ordered, the first night was enjoyable and stress free for both of us!  It will be nice not to tiptoe and whisper in my own room anymore. 

Life has continued to be a rollercoaster of ups and downs.  Levi's bowels were working on their own for more than a week, but now have stopped again.  The fearful crying that is reminiscent of a newborn falling has been more frequent lately as well. 

It is time for the annual meeting of all Levi's therapists, so we have been working on evaluations.  I'm pleased to report that he's gained ground in each area, despite the medical issues he's faced recently.  He seems to be at the point he was just before the G-tube surgery, when he was beginning to make bigger strides developmentally.

Specific areas that we are needing prayer at the moment: bowel issues, fearful crying (identifying the cause/creating a solution).  All other areas are running smoothly.  Thank you, Jesus, that the seizures are few and far between!!!

I saw this on facebook today and decided to share it here as well:

Don't just see my legs not running;
Don't just see my hands not working;
Don't just see my mouth not talking;
These broken pieces are not me.
See instead the light in my eyes;
See instead my loving soul;
See instead my thinking mind;
These inner pieces are the real me.


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