Thursday, October 31, 2013

Following the Voice of God

Last weekend we decided to take a trip to the mall with Levi, in his new wheelchair.  He wasn't too thrilled with riding instead of being carried, and let us know about it in no uncertain terms!  A lady came up to us and asked if he was ill, so I explained a little bit about the meningitis and subsequent health problems.  She said she hoped we didn't think she was crazy, but God had just told her to come over and pray for Levi.  Even though she was nervous to approach us, she did it anyway.  She laid her hand on Levi's head and prayed for him.  We had a nice conversation and met her young son.  She was such a cheerful, lovely person.  Thank you, Diane, for following the voice of God and praying for Levi!  You will never know how much that meant to us!

In the last month since leaving the hospital, life has definitely had its ups and downs.  He's had good days and bad days.  Thankfully, the bad days seem to be due to teething and gas instead of the awful issues he's had in the past.  I'm thrilled to report that he has not thrown up at all!  He is tolerating the new formula very well, and is almost up to goal bolus feeds again.  He's gaining weight and growing stronger.  He is sucking once again, and has learned to get his fist, fingers, and toys in his mouth and chew/suck on them.  He's learned the hard way not to bite too hard.  We are introducing flavors to him on a spoon, and I'm hoping to schedule a swallow study for January in the hopes that the swallowing issues have gone away with the tonsils and he can begin to eat small snacks.

We had his IEP meeting with school last week.  It's hard to believe he will be going to school in just another month.  He'll be getting therapy all day every day, which will be so good for him, and will strengthen his little body.  Thank you all for praying for our little Levi!

Watching TV with friends.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Lynn! God has been speaking to me about getting of my "comfort zone" to pray and witness. You never know when someone's life will be changed or encouraged through being obedient to Him. I am so happy to hear this story and how this woman was obedient to God and came over to talk with you and how it was exactly what you needed. I love seeing the updates on Levi and how God is performing miracles for him even though at times they might seem small, they are still happening :-) He is such a cutie pie! Seeing the updates is a reminder to continue praying for him. God bless you!

  2. It's so true, we never know just how much we touch other people. God bless you too!