Friday, August 5, 2016

Charlotte's Web Hemp Oil, Day 2: Surprising Discovery

The second day on CBD oil we have continued to see positive changes in Levi.  Most notably, his vision seems much sharper.  His eyes are working together and he's focusing well, really studying what he's looking at.  He's more interested visually, and follows his little brother and sister as they run around the room.

He's been so happy, kicking his legs and laughing.  Moga (my mom) was here yesterday, and he said her name!  This is not the first time he's done so, but it's been a long while since it's happened.  Usually when he gets that excited, it ends with a seizure, but not today!

Already, Levi is stronger. He braced his feet on the floor while sitting in his feeding seat, and tightened his entire body until he was basically standing while leaning against the chair!  This lasted off and on for about an hour.  Levi has tried so hard for years to get himself out of that chair, at times successfully, plopping on the floor.  (No worries, the chair sits on the floor, he doesn't have far to go.)  This was as close to getting out of the chair as he's come :)

Any type of change in lighting causes a startle reflex, sometimes ending in a seizure.  I let Baby J play with the light switches, watching Levi as he did so.  The startle was still there, but almost as if it were a habit.  His head would come up but there was no period of confusion/staring, and it didn't turn into a seizure.  Several times he did not startle at all :)

Patrick made an amazing discovery last night.  Though we paid for the highest strength of Charlotte's Web, and the box we received was correct, the actual product inside was the company's mid-strength hemp oil.  So, Levi has actually been getting half the dose we thought he was.  So, we increased the dose this morning, and I'll be calling CW Hemp soon to rectify the situation.

Stay tuned to Levi's journey with cannabis oil.  Wonderful things are in his future!

I think these pics show what may have been one of Levi's first seizures.  He was four days old here, and I thought it was funny how he kept stretching out.  In retrospect, it might have been the first sign that something was wrong.


  1. Praise our Mighty God
    Love Dale and Tracy

  2. This gives me goosebumps. He will be up and walking soon!