Sunday, June 3, 2012

Gaining Weight and Prayer Request

As many of you know, Levi has always been small for his age.  I was never too concerned, considering all the time he spent in the hospital, and my daughter Miranda was always tiny as well.  A month before starting the diet his formula was switched to Nutren Jr in the hopes that he would gain some weight.  It helped a little, but Levi was still weighing in the 17 pound range, and had been stuck there for months.  Tomorrow marks 4 weeks since we started the ketogenic diet.  His weight was just under 18 pounds at that time.  We are supposed to weigh him weekly to be sure he is gaining enough, but not too much.  Well, over this past week he has gained 1.4 pounds!  In one week!!  I'm thinking that his calorie allotment will most likely be reduced.  Patrick and I had noticed that it seemed when he didn't eat all his food, or when he threw up, the number of seizures went down.  We discussed a calorie reduction with the dietitian at the time, but it was decided to wait and be sure that he was growing at a healthy pace before making any changes.  I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that he's gaining way too fast!  On this diet, the right balance of calories/ratio is very important, and sometimes just a small change can make all the difference.  If you could please pray for a calorie reduction that would be the diet tweak we need to END the seizures, we would be so grateful! Levi has come so far already, I really believe if he were seizure free he would start catching up on the development he's been behind on.  I'm SO ready to see him crawl, walk, run, and LAUGH!!!  Thanks to all our faithful followers and Levi lovers!!

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