Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ketogenic Chef

The last few weeks have definitely been a roller coaster.  Some days Levi eats well, some days he doesn't.  The seizures have climbed back up to pre-diet numbers, but yesterday and so far today have not been so bad.  He was really hating the Gerber turkey and beef, so the dietitian gave me access to the ketocalculator, which is a program loaded with ketogenic-friendly ingredients and recipes that automatically calculates the ratio and calories.  What a relief!  I've developed several meals that I think he will enjoy, and just spent the entire morning cooking keto meals for him.  I picked up a Baby Bullet pureeing system because he still can't eat foods that are too chunky.  That thing works wonderfully!  I made a chicken and veggie soup and the Baby Bullet ground it right up into a small textured meal that he can handle.  I also made him a chicken stir fry meal and refried beans mixed with cheddar cheese, with a whipped cream and jello parfait.  He hasn't eaten any of it, so I have yet to see how he likes it, but I have high hopes.

Levi loves the pool!  He kicks his legs and grins each time we take him out.  Memorial Day we had a terrific time with family.  Patrick barbecued and we had lots of yummy side dishes and poolside fun.

Now that we're three weeks into the diet and I have the control of designing meals for him, it finally feels like we are getting more comfortable with it.  We will be gone all day Saturday, which will be a true test.  We'll have to pack meals for him and fit that into our day.  I'm a bit nervous but I'm sure it will go well.  Here are some of the meals I made today.

Ketogenic Chicken Soup

Pureed Chicken Soup

Adorable Baby Bullet container

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