Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeling Much Better

For about six weeks before receiving the ng tube, Levi had been sick or in pain most of the time with teething, dehydration, etc.  For weeks I could not put him down, he wanted to be held all the time, wanted nothing to do with the toy gym or lightbox that he had loved.  Almost immediately after having the tube, he began to feel better.  Smiles were more common, he would tolerate laying down on his own for short periods of time.  Now I can't believe the change in him, and I'm so grateful!  He's happy all the time!  Not only has he gone back to playing with toys as he did before, but he's progressed to moving his legs in the attempt to crawl, getting up on his elbows, standing in the gait trainer, and even more. We've spent a lot of time outside enjoying the summer. Even better, the seizures remain much lower, and are only lasting under 5 seconds.  It's truly amazing!

We had a surgery consult at Cardinal Glennon with Dr. Vane Wednesday.  He was pleased, and seemed a bit surprised, to hear that Levi is up to goal feeding (6 ounces 4 times a day) with no reflux or vomiting issues.  He said because of this, it will not be necessary to perform the Fundoplication (a procedure in which they modify the stomach to prevent reflux)!  That is wonderful news!  It is still very possible that the reflux will go away at some point, probably when he is more mobile.  Until then Nexium is controlling it well.  We go in Monday morning for the G-tube surgery and should only be admitted for an overnight stay.  I sure will be glad to have all that tape off his poor little face!  Please pray for a smooth surgery with no complications and quick recovery.

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