Monday, August 13, 2012

Surgery Went Well!

The surgery to place a G-tube this afternoon went very well.  We expected Levi to sleep most of the day, but really should have known better.  Levi, like most 20 month old babies, does not care for the word nap. lol  He woke up a few hours after surgery and seemed fairly comfortable, especially once I was able to hold him.  He has had two rounds of Tylenol and one small dose of morphine.  There again, we expected the morphine to help him fall alseep for the night, but he woke up after about an hour.  He's resting comfortably in the crib right now, on the very verge of sleep.  The tube does not seem near as creepy or frightening as I expected.  I am a little nervous with holding him, and changing positions, because I don't want to jostle his tummy and hurt him, but so far so good.  The nurse said I can put him in any position as long as he tolerates it well.  We tried his favorite position, facing me with his head on my shoulder, but I just felt too uneasy to keep him there for long.  Hopefully he will get a good night's sleep, feel better in the morning, and we will come home tomorrow. 

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