Thursday, June 20, 2013

ER Update

Tuesday we went to the ENT clinic for breathing issues, but when they sprayed a decongestant/numbing solution in his nose he immediately filled with phlegm, couldn't breathe, and his oxygen saturation dropped drastically, so they put him on oxygen and took him to the ER.  A chest x-ray was normal, he received a breathing treatment, and we were told to return to the ENT clinic the next day.

Wednesday morning Levi woke up screaming.  I was shocked to find that his diaper was completely full of stool.  I didn't think this could happen with a colostomy. He threw up just after I changed him, and the vomit contained "coffee grounds", which is old blood.  He hasn't done this since the colostomy was placed two months ago.  So off we went to the ER.  The vomit tested positive for blood.  An x-ray of his belly was normal.  The surgery team said that having a bowel movement was not uncommon because they don't cleanse the colon when they perform the colostomy.  The stool was leftover from before the surgery.  The bloody vomit may have been caused by reflux, but he's on Nexium, so it's doubtful.  It may just be a virus.

In the ENT clinic, the doctor put a scope down his nose.  He said the adenoids and tonsils are slightly larger than normal, but not enough that he thought it would cause problems.  He prescribed two nasal sprays, one containing steroids, and will schedule him for a sleep study within the next week, I think to rule out sleep apnea.  Again, hopefully this was all just caused by a virus.  The nasal spray immediately made a difference in his breathing, and he was much more comfortable.  He's still gaggy, but I'm hoping he feels better today.  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for him!

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