Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mystery Symptoms

For the past couple weeks, Levi has had a return of noisy breathing that escalated into difficulty breathing, as well as vomiting old blood and persistent low grade fever up to 100.2, and other lesser symptoms.  So we saw the pediatrician, ENT, and had a couple visits to the ER, as updated in my previous post.  The Sunday before last we took Levi for an overnight sleep study.  It wasn't bad except he wasn't allowed to sleep on his stomach, his preferred position.  It took a couple hours for him to fall into a good sleep, but he slept for a continuous five hours.  It will take a few weeks to receive the results.

Monday morning on the way home from the sleep study, he vomited old brown blood, so I called the GI doctor.  He assumed that Levi had a virus and admitted us for IV Nexium to help settle his tummy and IV fluids.  During this time, he had breathing treatments, which helped for a couple days, but did not completely clear the breathing.  We stopped his feeds for a couple days, then increased them slowly until we were at our normal home rate.  On Friday we came home better, but his breathing was still noisy and a bit labored.

Saturday morning he began having difficulty again, and we wondered if maybe he was having allergies to something in the air, or in the house.  Ever on the quest for answers, I looked back at the blog and realized that the first symptoms appeared within 24-48 hours of starting Neurontin.  I looked up side effects and sure enough vomiting blood, fever, and difficulty breathing were listed, and can even be a sign of an allergic reaction to the drug.  I stopped giving him the morning dose, and am waiting to hear from the neurologist to see how long I have to continue his evening dose.  This is also a seizure med, and even though that is not what he's taking it for, it cannot just be stopped all at once, or it could cause seizures.  My plan is to take him off Neurontin and see if these symptoms clear up, and also what his overall mood is.  I want to know if he is having a reaction, but also if it has actually helped him, or if he was just getting better anyway.  This morning he vomited again with "coffee grounds" in it, which is old blood.  I'm hoping this does the trick, and all these issues go away.

Thanks so much for your continued prayers!

Sleep Study

Snuggling :)

Looking up!

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