Thursday, August 8, 2013

Finally, A Plan of Action!

We've consulted with GI and neurology, and all the doctors are in agreement as to the course of action.  Let me tell you, that just doesn't happen very often!  So Levi has been started on Pedialyte feeds, and tonight will begin continuous formula feeds overnight.  If he tolerates that, then we will begin to increase to bolus feeds during the day.

The gastric emptying study did show a significant delay.  His stomach emptied about half as much contents as it should have, so today he will start Reglan, a medication to increase motility and help the stomach to empty.  I'm praying this works!  But if it doesn't we have other options.  It's so nice to be working toward something that might help.  It's been a really hard year, I'd love to celebrate the anniversary of the beginning of all the GI issues with something that will take those problems away!


  1. Have they or can they put him on a medication called ZOFRAN,I take it for my upset stomach and it really helps me not to throw up and good for when you have the flu. Jeannie

  2. Hi Jeannie, Levi does get Zofran, but this time it just didn't help him stop vomiting at all. Thanks! Lynn