Thursday, July 10, 2014

Myoclonic Seizures

Levi had an appointment with the neurologist yesterday, and we've learned that the new seizures he's been having are myoclonic.  He's had infantile spasms and partial (focal) seizures since he was a baby.  We've tweaked a few medications, and he wants Levi's daily calories to be reduced.  He is only at the fifth percentile for his age on the growth chart, but his BMI is at 85%.  He's too chunky for his length.  The doctor thinks cutting some calories should help the ketones stabilize, which will help reduce all the seizure types.

Otherwise, he's doing very well.  He was so happy and active at school yesterday that he was exhausted by the time we picked him up.  He wouldn't give in to a nap, though.  He stayed up through the neuro appointment, dinner, and the majority of church group.

Thanks for your continued prayers for our little miracle boy!

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