Friday, April 10, 2015

Levi Can Enjoy Food Again!

Yesterday we went to Cardinal Glennon for a swallow study.  During this test, Levi is fed food and drink laced with barium so we can see where the food goes when he swallows.  Levi's had the feeding tube since he stopped taking food by mouth at 20 months old.  He's had about 4 subsequent swallow studies that showed he was at risk for aspiration (food going into the lungs rather than down into the stomach).  Thankfully, this time, after hard work at home and school, Levi did wonderful and is now able to eat food by mouth again!  I have high hopes this will further improve his GI problems.  He cannot have liquids just yet, but hopefully once he's used to eating again he'll be able to better control liquids as well.

Hallelujah!  Things are looking much brighter to us these days :)

Snuggling with Dino and watching Barney.  Aren't my new glasses scholarly??

Yes, I know I'm cute :)

My old glasses that Mommy lost.  Sigh.  The blue ones were much more comfy.

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