Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Nice Day!

We are still seeing about the same number of seizures today, but he has had a very good day!  This morning he had therapy with Diane, for which he was super cooperative. Levi slept for most of the time I was bowling (don't ask how THAT went, it was not good LOL).  He woke up a little after noon with smiles, which is always nice to see.  He hung out in his lambie chair while I took some pics to post on the Etsy store.  He is never hungry when he first wakes up, so I waited half an hour or so before trying his bottle.  He wasn't too enthusiastic about it, but did finish half of it, about 4 ounces.  During the remainder of the afternoon he laid under the play gym and looked at toys, lounged on the floor and watched the light box, and stood for a good 20 minutes in his "mustang" (as Patrick likes to call it) gait trainer.  He was full of smiles all day, and even threw in some huge grins when Moga talked to him, and when I bounced him.  After supper Patrick and I took him for a stroll around the neighborhood.  Now he is cuddling on Daddy's lap, and will have his supper soon.  It was a wonderful day!

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