Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Still About the Same...

We increased Clobazam to 12.5 on Friday evening.  I expected Levi to be super tired after, but to my delighted surprise he remained pretty alert for a couple days.  He's fighting sleep like never before, and I really think his evening meltdowns are more related to extreme sleepiness than teething, although that is definitely also a problem.  The seizures continue to be very high.  He had 70 spasms and 18 focal seizures yesterday.  He is super tired today, from the seizures, the meds, or most likely a combination of them both.  He's content to lay in my arms and try to stay awake.  That's about all he has energy for right now.  Hopefully he will perk up this afternoon.  I haven't heard from the dietician yet about scheduling for the ketogenic diet.  Looking forward to speaking with her!  Will keep updated.

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