Wednesday, May 8, 2013

First Inpatient Day

We had to be at the hospital bright and early this morning for a consult with anesthesiology before being admitted.  We brought all our luggage and had to stow it at the welcome center while we went about our business before getting a room.  I've never appreciated all the many wagons at Cardinal Glennon like I did this morning when I didn't have one.  lol  Our driver from Children's had a pick up at another hotel, and we met a lovely woman and her little boy, Colton.  What a cutie!  She said he has been in the hospital for three weeks.  He was flown in on life support, and within a week and a half Children's had him up and feeling better again.  She'd just found out that he has heart issues.  He's fourteen months old and she had no idea there was anything wrong with him. They were going home today!  Please join us in praying for little Colton, and for his mom, who was here dealing with everything on her own.  It was such a blessing to meet them!

So far today Levi has had an IV placed, in only one stick, no less!  We were so pleased with that!  He is currently receiving Go Lightly through the feeding tube to clean out his colon, and will have an enema through the stoma so that he will be completely empty for surgery tomorrow.  He's having several procedures tomorrow, including a colonoscopy, endoscopy with biopsies, and placing of catheters through the intestines for those special motility tests.  He will be under anesthesia, so hopefully he will be comfortable throughout the day.

Right now he is sleeping in Moga's arms.  He knows he's in the hospital, but seems a bit confused that it isn't his own hospital.  But he knows when the nurses come into the room.  He watches them out of the corner of his eye.  Poor little guy.  I'm praying that Dr. Kaul will find the problem, that it's an easy fix, and will be taken care of while we are here.  It's now been nine months since the g-tube placement and the beginning of the GI nightmare.  I'm so ready to put all this behind us and watch him blossom into a happy toddler!


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