Tuesday, May 7, 2013

First Ketogenic Diet Anniversary!!

I know we have a lot of other exciting things going on right now that I haven't updated about yet, but I think deserves its own entry.  Today has been one year since Levi started the Ketogenic diet!  There have been some rough patches, but this diet has been the miracle we've been praying for!  Last May, Levi was having 100 plus seizures a day, while taking 5 antiepileptic medications.  I'm happy to report that now he is having 5-10 seizures a day, and we are in the process of weaning off the last seizure med!  The severity and duration of the seizures have drastically improved as well, and we have had many seizure free days.  I believe the breakthrough seizures he has now are due to the pain from the GI issues he's been dealing with.   I'm praying once those have resolved that he will go completely seizure free.  Thank God for leading us to the Keto diet!


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