Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Second Banzel Decrease

So last night we decreased Banzel for the second time.  Since Banzel had no effect until it made the seizures worse, I'm thrilled to get him off of it as soon as possible.  We were in the process of decreasing Keppra when we first began Banzel, and were seeing some wonderful progress developmentally, such as better head control and more movement in Levi's arms.  As we increased Banzel that went away.  However, it is beginning to come back!  In the last few days Levi has been working to hold his head. Yesterday I had some running to do and when I got home, I held my arms out and told him to come to me, which usually gets no reaction.  But this time he tried to move his arms, and was leaning forward to get to me.  What a sweet, sweet thing!  Also, today in therapy Levi was looking at a blue ball, and even moved his hand to touch it a couple times! We are now on 1/2 pill twice a day.  Next week we will go down to 1/2 pill once a day, and then we will be done!  We have a neurology appointment tomorrow afternoon, where we will discuss adjusting his medications.  I expect that we will begin weaning Keppra again.  Meanwhile we still have a week and a half before we can increase the new med, Lamictal.  Please keep Levi in your prayers for NO seizures, and developmental progress!

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