Friday, September 16, 2011

Smiles and a Kid Cart

Thank you for all the prayers.  We have definitely felt them today!  Levi woke up this morning with smiles, and he's been holding his head better.  It's been a while since he's done either of those things.  The seizures have been much more mild today as well.  They are not as long, or as violent.  Thank God!

The physical therapists brought a kid cart over for us to use today.  It's pretty neat. It's like a stroller, but it supports the body all the way up to the head, so he can sit in an upright position.  It has a strap that goes across his forehead to keep it from flopping forward, but he learned how to wiggle out of it, and now won't keep it on at all.  A bit frustrating?  Maybe, but for one thing, I think it's pretty smart to learn how to get out of it so quickly, and for another, even without the strap he held his head up on his own!  It did occasionally flop forward, but since the cart supports the torso, it didn't flop too far over, and he was able to lift it back up.  Levi did this many times today.  That is awesome work for his little neck and strengthening those muscles!

Tomorrow is a big fun day at Shaw Park in Clayton sponsored by the Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments.  Our therapist is from Delta Gamma (we love her!).  They will have food and games, and most importantly, we will be able to meet other children and parents with the same and similar diagnosis as Levi.  He has Cortical Visual Impairment and Alternating Exotropia.  We are so looking forward to meeting others!

We will be taking the kid cart to the picnic so we can see how Levi does, and how it compares to our own stroller.  I think he will like sitting upright instead of always being reclined.  We will take lots of pics and post them later.  Thanks again for your prayers!

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