Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starting Lamictal

Today we finally got all the issues ironed out at the pharmacy (they lost the prescription!) and started Levi on Lamictal.  Each time we started a new med before I was excited, but now I'm just tired.  I know it's all in God's timing, and He knows the big picture, but I'm really, really ready for the seizures to stop.  It's hard to watch the little guy go through that over and over again, especially when he makes noises that sound like he's hurting. He's a little trooper though, thank God!  I know God is good and He will bring Levi (and us!) through this just as He has everything else.  Just one more testimony to the glory of our God!  Please continue to pray that the seizures go away very soon!  Here are some pics I've been meaning to put up.

Sleeping while Mommy works.

Levi and Daddy at Hazel Dell Civil War Reenactment.

Sleeping in Dr's office before being whisked away on the ambulance.

Sleeping just outside Cardinal Glennon as we wait for Daddy to bring the car.

Levi and Mommy at the Bon Jovi and Journey tribute concert last month.

Wearing the cute shirt big brother Tommy brought me :)

Snoozing in cute fall clothes.

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