Thursday, October 13, 2011

Catching Up

For the past two weeks we have been moving.  Oh, the move itself wasn't too bad, we got all the furniture in and arranged within a weekend, but the back and forth to the old house trying to get it in order has been torture!  I have 4 cats, and can only bring 2 with me, so I have been desperately trying to adopt out the sweetest, youngest kitties, but have found no interest.  I'm to the point of being forced to send them to a shelter, which is NOT what I want for them, so if anyone out there can offer a loving home for 1 or 2 wonderful kitties, please comment on here or on facebook (Lynn Henderson McDonald).  Thanks!

Levi has been doing very well for the most part.  As noted in my last post a few weeks ago, his seizures are down!  Before we started Lamictal he was having 60-80 seizures a day, now he is down to 20-40!  He even had a few days under 20.  Then last Thursday he finally had his 6 month shots plus a flu shot.  That night he suddenly spiked a 104 fever, his eyes were rolling back in his head, he was having more seizures, and we were told by the doctor's emergency line to call 911!  That was crazy!  After an ambulance ride and several hours in the ER we were told that he was probably having seizures specifically related to the fever, which they do not treat because they go away with the fever.  Our neurologist said to increase clonazepam to twice a day for a few days, and in the future he can have only 1 or 2 shots at a time.  Now a week later, his seizures are still holding at 20-40, but we have not seen any more severely decreased days.  This morning we increased Lamictal from 4mls to 6mls.  I'm excited to see what happens now!  This is the first medicine that has actually brought the number of seizures down!  We still have a long way to go before he is at the max dose, so I'm praying and fully believing that Lamictal is going to wipe the seizures out for good!  Please pray and believe that with us.

That pretty well brings us up to date. We are very much enjoying our beautiful new house.  Again, if you can help our kitties, or know someone who can, we would be so thankful!  They are both loving, sweet cats and we want the best for them!

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