Friday, October 14, 2011

First Day Lamictal @ 6 mls

Today has been a busy day!  We ran some errands, shopped for some Fall decorations for our new house, and tuckered Levi out completely.  Yesterday was his first day with the increased dose of Lamictal, and he slept almost all day.  His seizures were down, but I didn't know if it was from sleeping so much, because he typically doesn't have them when sleeping.  It usually takes him about three days to get used to new meds, so I expected him to sleep a lot today too, but I was wrong.  He took a tiny morning nap and then was up the rest of the day.  I just put him down for his afternoon nap and it's almost 3:00!  He's been so smiley today.  I was bouncing him on my hip and he grinned bigger than he ever has, I thought he was actually going to laugh!  It's great to see him so happy.  AND even though he's been awake, his seizures are still way down today!  This is so encouraging!  Please pray with us that the seizures will stop!  Also please keep his head control in your prayers.  Today he's been doing well with it.  He needs to be able to hold it consistently so he can learn to sit, crawl, walk, and run and play with other little boys!  Thanks for all your prayers, we are praying special blessings on anyone who has said even the smallest prayer for our Levi!

My Elmo Jammies :)

I pulled my shirt up!