Sunday, October 23, 2011

Need Prayer!

Thanks to everyone who has been praying for Levi to gain head control!  Since the day I asked for prayer he has been working very hard to hold his head up, and is doing an excellent job!  All his therapists have noticed a significant difference, as have we!  Thank you and please continue to keep his head control in your prayers.  Once he learns that the sky is the limit!  Also, as always, please pray for his seizures to STOP!  They have gone back up again and he is having 30-50 a day again.  He was doing so well before!  I don't know if the shots are to blame, or the higher dose of Lamictal. I plan on speaking to the neurologist tomorrow.  I would like to take him back down to 4 mls of Lamictal because he was doing so well at that dosage, and then begin weaning Phenobarbital.  I would like for him to come completely off of that med!  He has been on it since he was three weeks old, and the original plan was for him to come off it within a year.  I can't believe he's only about six weeks away from his first birthday!  If you could please add wisdom for making the right decision, I would so appreciate it!  This poor little baby is progressing despite all the sedating meds (5) that he is on, and the daily seizures.  I expect him to hit the ground running and catch up quickly once everything is brought under control.  You can see that he tries so hard!  Thanks again and God Bless!

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