Thursday, November 17, 2011

Two Doctors, Both with Great News!

So we've had to make a couple trips to Cardinal Glennon again recently, but this time just for routine checkups. First, we saw the neurosurgeon. We learned that the last CT scan that was done a couple months ago showed a marked improvement in his brain, which is amazing news! His shunt is working properly, his head circumference is normal, and all is well from a neurosurgery standpoint! Come back for a checkup in 1 year! Wonderful!

Next we saw the orthopaedist. As you know, Levi had a spica cast for 6 weeks to correct hip dysplasia, and has been in a rhino brace for the last 4 months. X-rays showed that his hip is doing very well and the bones are coming in as they should be. Although still a bit shallow, his hip is very sturdy and feels great. So, he still has to wear the brace at night, but he has no restrictions during the day! He doesn't need to use the stander, which he hates, so that's a good thing as well!

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