Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Amazing Progress!

Yesterday in vision therapy, Levi had a huge breakthrough!  He was laying on his back, with one large pumpkin light to his right, and a strand of smaller pumpkin lights on his left. Near his hand was a huge button to push that turned the lights back on when they went off.  Levi raised his right hand and pressed the button 3 different times! He didn't do it to turn the lights on, as they were already on at those times, but he is learning to use his hands and arms! Then, and even more amazing and exciting to me, he raised his left hand to touch the lights! He did that twice as well!

Then just now, as he was laying in bed on his tummy waking up from a nap, he was trying to lift his head up and look around. He does that sometimes, but not very effectively because he doesn't like to get up on his elbows. I have tried to help him in the past by putting his elbows under him, but he always slides them down, "chicken wing" style. I went ahead and slid his elbows under him, and he lifted his head all the way up and stayed on his elbows for a few minutes!!!  This is HUGE!!  I got a picture of it :)  Thank you for the prayers, please keep them coming!  Yay, Levi!!!

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