Monday, January 9, 2012

Endoscopy Went Well!

Levi was a little trooper today, as always.  His surgery was scheduled at 11, but they were running behind and didn't take him in until almost 1:00. I wasn't upset since that rarely happens at Cardinal Glennon.  It was a quick procedure.  The doctor showed us pictures of his esophagus, stomach, and intestines and took biopsies of each.  He said everything looked great!  The test results will be in in about two weeks.  Levi was a bit cranky when he woke up, but after a quick nap he gulped down a good amount of apple juice and, unlike most babies just out of anesthesia, popped his head up and looked around and stayed awake the whole ride home.  THEN he decided to be cranky.  Once he'd eaten a good meal and had a warm bath he returned to his normal calm self.  He's cuddling on Daddy's lap now.  Thank you for your prayers!    

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