Monday, January 30, 2012

A Great Few Days!

Since the new med changes, the number of daily seizures had gone up 10 to 20 a day, bringing the total to 40-60 a day.  I tried not to let discouragement set in, knowing as I do that any med change can mess up the system for a while.  Even still, it was hard to see him go through extra seizures.  He didn't seem bothered by them, though!  He has been very content lately.  Certainly he's drowsy throughout the day, but instead of sleeping a lot, he has begun taking a long morning nap, and maybe a catnap or two in the afternoon.  Since the third tooth popped through (he has one on the bottom and the two top front teeth now) he hasn't had much teething pain.  He smiles more, makes funny faces and is showing more expression, and is more inclined to work on therapy he previously hated (such as laying on his belly and resting on his elbows).

Before the med change Levi would have seizures sprinkled throughout the day and then a large amount in the evening around dinnertime.  That made sense, considering he was due evening meds at that time.  When we decreased Phenobarb, he began having a large amount of seizures in the morning, and they would taper off through the day, which didn't make sense to me, but oftentimes in this crazy world of seizures, things just don't make sense, so I shrugged it off.

Well, the seizures have dipped this weekend! We were busy Saturday so don't have an actual count, but we all noticed a huge difference.  Yesterday the count was down around 25 for the day! This morning so far he has had only 3!  Praise GOD!  We are finally headed in the right direction, and I'm thrilled!  Thank you for all the prayer!  Let's watch God work!

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