Thursday, January 12, 2012

Starting Clobazam (Onfi) Tonight!

Praise God!  Clobazam is finally here!  The reason I'm so excited about starting this new med is that it's in the same family as Clonazepam, which Levi has been taking for months.  Clonazepam works well on the seizures, but it has a side effect of extreme sleepiness.  In fact, it was originally prescribed when Levi had daily screaming fits that lasted hours, so that he (and we!) could get some sleep.  Since it worked so well at bringing the number of seizures down, we tried increasing the dose, but each time we tried he became almost lethargic.  Now the new medicine Clobezam will hopefully work just as well, if not better, on the seizures, but does not have the side effect of extreme sleepiness.  We are praying that this is the medicine to finally stop the seizures!  Our neurologist said they have had children achieve complete seizure freedom and come off all other anti-epileptic meds with Clobezam.  We are believing this for Levi!  My friend Shannon's son Easton will also be starting Clobezam shortly.  He has different types of seizures, but like Levi, he has many each day.  We are believing that this will be the med to stop his seizures for good as well!

Our prayer for Levi and Easton:
Dear Lord, we lift Levi and Easton up to you and ask that, through Clobezam, you heal the boys of this devastating affliction.  The seizures have been going on for months, and we have tried everything we can think of to free them, so far to no avail.  Please touch them, Lord.  I know you still work miracles, I have watched you work.  Levi would not even be here today without your healing touch! We long to see our boys progress to meet developmental milestones that they are overdue for.  We are tired of counting seizures, weary of the weight of constant indecision and wondering what it is we can do to make this all go away.  But it is not in our control.  It's in your control.  Help us lean on you and allow you to lead us down the path according to your plan.  I am asking, and I BELIEVE and RECEIVE, complete seizure freedom for Levi and Easton.  That Clobezam is the medicine to take away the seizures, and indeed even take away all the other anti-convulsants they are currently taking.  I believe in you!  I ask all this through Jesus' precious name!  Amen!

Mr. Easton

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