Saturday, January 7, 2012

More Rolling Over

Levi is learning, learning, learning!  The other day he was laying on the floor looking at his light box (for vision therapy) and he rolled from his back to his side, and continued onto his stomach!  This is the first time he's rolled completely from one side to the other. Previously he has been able to roll from side to back or stomach, but this time he completed the entire roll!  We are so proud of him!  Yesterday he rolled from his back to his side while he was sleeping!  It was so adorable, he was all curled up around his blankie.  It's so encouraging to see him doing so many new things even though he is still on so many medications.  I can't wait to start Clobezam!  We will be at Cardinal Glennon on Monday for the endoscope, and hopefully I'll be able to speak with the neurology department and see when we can expect to begin it.  Levi is getting over his cold, thank the Lord, but still has a runny nose.  At least it's better than a stuffy one!  Please pray that the cold is over by Monday.  If he has a lot of extra congestion we will have to reschedule the surgery.  Also please pray for his safety during and after the procedure, and some answers!  Thank you!

I laid Levi on the bed next to Snickers.  Too cute!

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