Friday, February 17, 2012

And....We're Back to Formula

So the switch to regular milk did not go as smoothly as planned.  After Levi had a bottle of only milk, he had a super bad night.  He was teething, but it was so extreme I thought maybe his tummy was bothering him, too, so we went back to half formula, half milk, and rice cereal in every bottle.  Over the past 2 to 3 days he has been drinking less and less.  He would start to drink, then make "icky face" and stop drinking.  I couldn't get him to take more than 2 ounces at lunch today.  I thought maybe he had a sore throat, but he's been eating solid food very well.  The nightly teething has been worse each night as well.  So for dinner I made just formula and rice cereal.  No icky face!  No problem drinking!  He downed almost the whole bottle!  So, we will continue with formula for a while before trying milk again.  I'm glad it was such a simple fix!

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