Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fasting Day Two

Levi was awake and alert all day yesterday, except for a small morning nap.  His head and trunk control continued to be excellent, and he seemed very interested in looking at the toys dangling over his chair. The seizures were still very short in duration.  For the third night in a row, he cried for his supper!  He was a bit fussy while he ate, but by that time I think he was exhausted!  He ate just about everything.  Then he had a warm bath and cuddled in Daddy's lap, where he drifted off to sleep.  He had no teething pain, and again no seizures after supper!  He slept until we were ready for bed, but woke up when I put him in the crib.  He was content to lay there, went back to sleep on his own, and slept all night long.  It really was a wonderful day!

Having fun bouncing on Aunt Mishy's lap.

Watching his fishies.

All dressed up :)

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