Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Holy Crap!

So Levi tolerated the first one ounce ng tube feed fine.  I was concerned about the planned 6 ounce feeds, given over the space of an hour, because of the recent vomiting issues, but the doctors wanted to try it to see if he could tolerate it.  Well, about three quarters of the way through he started throwing up and pooping at the same time, just all of a sudden.  We got the feed stopped and began cleaning him up, and noticed that the poop had climbed all the way up his back.  And what did he happen to be wearing?  You guessed it, a white onesie!  A particularly cute one, with little fuzzy baby animals on the front.  One of the nurses was nice enough to hose it off and soak it for me in the hopes of saving it.  I'll venture up to the Ronald McDonald room tomorrow and throw it in the wash while keeping my fingers crossed.  But honestly, there's very little white left!  Kudos to our nurse Caroline, she had a huge mess to clean up, and she did it with a smile!  And of course everyone needed to call her phone while she was elbow deep in Levi poop.  Poor woman was BUSY!!  The little guy is all clean and settled in now.  It didn't really bother him, he slept through the entire mess!  At least it wasn't a boring night :)

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