Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swallow Study

We just came back from the swallow study.  On the positive side, Levi is not aspirating, or silently aspirating, which Molly was concerned about.  However, the food and drink does pool at the back of his throat before he swallows, and residue is left at the back of his throat even after he swallows, which puts him at risk for aspiration.  So Molly's recommendation is that he definitely have the G-tube, with no feeding by mouth at all.  We can repeat the swallow study in six months in the hopes that a break from actually eating will be a good thing, and maybe he can start eating small amounts by mouth at that point.  We had a consult with someone from the surgery team this morning.  He will speak with the other doctors, come back to evaluate him further, and let us know the plan.  I have requested that they perform the surgery while we are here, but so far we don't know if their schedule will allow that.  I am praying to just go ahead and get it done.

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