Monday, March 4, 2013

Busy Day

The Upper GI that Levi had today came back normal, as did all the bloodwork.  Tomorrow morning he will have the endoscopy, and either tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday, the swallow study. I'm putting a lot of hope into this endoscopy.  They will be able to see down his esophagus, into the stomach and a bit of intestine.  I've asked them to pay close attention to the area surrounding the feeding tube.  Obviously the tube works, and it looks fine on the outside, but maybe the placement is off on the inside.  Maybe it is pushing against the back of the stomach, or rubbing and causing irritation in some way.  I'm praying that the scope shows us what the problem is and that there's a simple and complete solution.  Seven months of vomiting, stomach pain, and not being able to have a bowel movement is a very long time!  Please pray with us that the Lord is with the doctors and shows them the way, and guides their hands and eyes and minds as they work on Levi.

We spent a very pleasant afternoon with Ann and Shelly today.  Levi enjoyed lots of cuddles, and I had wonderful stimulating adult conversation.  It was a great day!


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