Monday, May 16, 2011

Breakthrough Seizures

Levi has been having small breakthrough seizures for about a week now.  The doctor increased one of his medications slightly, and although the seizures have decreased, they have not gone away, so his med has been increased slightly again, and we are taking him in to have his med levels checked.  I do thank God that his seizures are very small and do not involve his whole body.  He is sleeping a lot, though, so I'm sure that it just wears him out.  Otherwise he is doing pretty well.  We were actually able to attend Samantha's 16th birthday party (Happy Birthday Sam!) and remain for a lengthy period.  Levi did very well!  Of course, he had many people who were happy to entertain him!  It was so nice to relax, laugh, and enjoy ourselves!  Levi's surgery is still scheduled for Thursday, and I will be updating at that time.  Please pray that his hips are whole and healed!

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