Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Going Strong!

Finally, at long last, Levi is feeling better and stronger every day.  His bowels are becoming more regular.  In fact, he last night he had such a huge diarrhea we decided to stop the Milk of Magnesia and see what happens.  The new carnitine supplement should be helping the bowels as well, and I'm think the combination of the two is too much.  Hopefully he will no longer need a laxative.

He is feeling so much better!  Right now he is standing in the gait trainer, watching the snow fall out the window.  He's working hard on head control, and the gait trainer is the best practice he gets.  He's been standing for 20 minutes and still going strong, enjoying himself.  I've added a video below.  Please continue to pray for Levi, he's come so very far!


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