Saturday, January 19, 2013

More Poop!

I just have to say, God is good!  Today is day 6 of our fasting and prayer for Levi, and so many fantastic things have been happening.  Most importantly, Levi pooped again on his own yesterday!  It wasn't even time for an enema yet.  Our OT Corin picked him up from the swing and told me he needed changed.  I was surprised because I had just changed him.  It didn't occur to me that she meant he had a stinky diaper.  I was so excited I danced around the room! 

I feel like God revealed the cartnitine deficiency as well.  It's something that's not too common, but can cause so many issues, many of which Levi has had.  We start the supplement today.  I'm looking forward to a big change in his energy levels, even more normal pooping, no more tummy pain, and better appetite.  Who knows what other wonderful improvements he will make?!

This morning he is smiling and watching TV.  A huge thanks to everyone who follows his progress and prays for him!


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