Monday, February 28, 2011

All is Going Well

Levi has done great with his bottles!  He is eating as much as he did at home and keeping everything down.  We are about to try Tylenol through his mouth and probably his seizure meds will be given that way this evening.  If he continues to eat well, take his meds well, and his seizure med levels keep rising, we can go home tomorrow.  He is so much more alert and awake for hours at a time now.  He's so sleepy right now, but every time his little eyes close he jerks them open again. LOL  He doesn't want to miss anything.  We are still in the PICU, but TCU status, the hospital is so full there's no room for us so we are staying here for now.  Patrick and I decided to go out for lunch and had a wonderful time at Maggiano's.  Very delicious and a wonderful atmosphere!  So everything looks good and we should be going home tomorrow!

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