Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well they sent us to the PICU because they aren't sure what's going on and he needs closer care.  Of course we love and have missed our PICU nurses, but this is not how we wanted to visit them!  A huge thanks to our TCU nurse Jeff for all his hard work and wonderful care of Levi and us today!

To my friend Barb: both of our phones have gone out now so that's why I haven't updated you.  Keep checking here it's the only outlet I have for updates right now ;)

We believe that his shunt is draining too much fluid from his brain.  Although the doctor does not agree with us, he has ordered a CT scan to put our minds at ease and we appreciate that!  Hopefully it will shed some light on the situation!  They are drawing labs right now, are ordering x-rays of his tummy because it is so distended.  We think the crying/drop in heart rate are seizure related because they are the same every time.  At least we are working toward a solution now!  Will keep updated as I know anything.  Please pray for him!

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