Sunday, February 27, 2011

Doing Better

The nurse said Levi had a night of peaceful rest and few episodes where his heart rate dropped, and even then it did not drop as far.  He is waking up and alert, getting angry when nurses mess with him, and beginning to act more normal.  He is sucking a pacifier again, which is wonderful! His stomach is much smaller than it was yesterday thank God!  The neurosurgery resident said the CT scan showed that his brain had come away from his skull a bit, which is exactly what Patrick had thought was the problem.  The resident is not sure if they will adjust the pressure of the shunt or not, he is checking with the neurosurgeon.  The particular shunt they put in can be changed with magnets, so they don't have to do another surgery to make adjustments.  All in all, he is much better this morning!

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