Sunday, February 27, 2011

Better Still...

Levi continues to get better!  He wakes up more and is alert, he has more control over his eyes, and his heart rate has stopped dropping!  The doctors decided to put in a feeding tube that goes to his intestines so they could start him on formula and get his seizure med levels up without worrying about him vomiting.  He's much more comfy since they started the feed, the poor baby was so hungry!  Even though he really tried, he never was able to get anything to come out of the pacifier. LOL  He was rooting for a bottle, which is wonderful, and we will try bottle feeding either tonight or tomorrow morning.  The neurosurgeon decided to adjust the shunt, so hopefully that will make a big difference, too.  I think we will move to TCU in the morning and then on home by Tuesday.  The doctors think that his brain just didn't know how to react going from such high pressure to low pressure in such a short amount of time and was just trying to adjust, accompanied by the facts that his belly was so distended with gas and his med level was low.  Things are definitely looking up!  I've been chilling in the McDonald room for a bit and am now heading down in the hopes of holding the little munchkin!

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