Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Holy Crap!

Levi filled his diaper (and his bed!) with a huge bowel movement again last night.  At least we know we are on the right track.  He slept all night again, and woke up with smiles. 

Yesterday he had another tummy x-ray to see if anything had changed.  It was pretty much the same.  He may need to have a bowel cleansing, but as of right now there are no set plans. 

We had a surprise visit from my sister Casey and her little ones Faithie and Jackson, and Shelly stopped by the day before.  It's so nice to hang out with family and have a relief from the boredom of sitting in the same room all day.  I have to thank God for technology!  My laptop has made this stay much more tolerable. lol

I don't have anything else to report at this time.  It's a waiting game, but that's alright.  At least I know this time they will make sure the issue is resolved before we go back home, and that gives me peace.  Thanks again for all the prayers.  We can feel them!  God is working in our lives, and I know that all the prayers being sent up for us have strengthened us.  We pray blessings on all of you as well!

Levi in the pool over the summer :)


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