Sunday, September 30, 2012

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

It was so nice to be home Friday night!  Mom had the house cleaned and decorated with Fall items, Levi was feeling good, and I was optimistic.  Saturday morning started out great but quickly went downhill.  Levi woke up in a good mood, content to lay in his own bed and hang out for a while.  I shared a short phone call with my daughter, who was in the hospital about to have a new baby, and went back in to get Levi only to find he had vomited.  Over the course of the day he threw up three times, had a couple screaming fits, and just felt awful in general. We cuddled with him and did the best we could to help him feel better.

On a brighter note, he slept all night last night, and pooped so loud this morning he woke us up.  A sweeter sound was never heard!  He seems to feel pretty good now.  I'm praying we take more steps in the right direction so he can feel happy again.  :)

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