Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hospital Update

We definitely felt the power of prayer last night!!  Once Levi finally fell asleep last night, he had a good night.  He didn't even need morphine until he woke up screaming around 5.  The rest of the day was spent sleeping, fussing, with some screaming.  On the bright side, the nausea went away last night and hasn't returned.

The pulmonologist assured me that the bleeding is not coming from the lungs.  She agreed that he should have a bronchoscope, but that the ENT doc should do it, since they can actually fix anything that needs it while they are in there. SO the ENT team came in and decided that since the issue seems to be in the upper airway, they could scope him at the bedside.  His tonsils and adenoids are huge, and although I haven't heard officially from the attending physician, it sounds like they will need to come out.  Great, at least that's one issue that will hopefully be fixed!

I've been stressing the need to find out why Levi is throwing up blood.  Where is it coming from?  We need to think outside the box.  What tests should be performed that haven't already been done?  What other specialists should be consulted?  So far we don't have any answers.  I should know more in the morning after the teams round.  Right now Levi is sleeping well.  Hopefully he will have another good night!

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