Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ND Tube Fail

So they tried to place the ND tube three times yesterday with no success, one time it even ended up in his lung.  They wanted to try one more time today before they sent him to have it done in x-ray.  I didn't want that but I allowed it to happen.  He started coughing blood.  Again, it went into the lung. I refused ND tube placement and opted for GJ tube placement.  The PICU doctor had no problem with that, so we are consulting GI.  The previous GI doctor on service thought it should be placed with endoscopy rather than x-ray, and I hope this doctor agrees.

The thing is, he has a long post-op recovery period.  Even though ENT says this shouldn't be from the surgery, he just takes longer to recover.  He screamed for 8 weeks after the colostomy surgery. Unfortunately the tonsils and adenoids absolutely had to come out.  He was 70% obstructed, and the sleep study showed 15 sleep apnea episodes in one hour.  One doctor told me it's the worst sleep study he'd seen.

He really needs prayer!  He's weak from surgery, no nutrition, multiple tries for ND tube, x-rays, surgery, finger sticks every 6 hours to check blood sugar, and more.  He needs strength and a touch from God.  Please take a moment and pray hard for Levi.  He needs prayer warriors today!  And for me, could you please pray for wisdom?  Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all you do!



  1. Dear gracious and Heavenly Father Lord God we come before you now lifting up little baby Levi to you as well as mom and dad Lord God Levis gone through a lot in his young life I pray dear God that you lay your hands upon him hold him close to you let him feel your warmth dear God I pray that you give Mom and Dad wisdom with all they are going through you are the ultimate healer dear God we left little Levi and his family to you in Jesus name we pray amen

  2. In the name of JESUS, AMEN & AMEN