Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Power of Prayer

Yesterday morning at this time life was pretty hard.  The ND tube had been placed, yet again, in the wrong area, Levi had coughed up blood and his nose was bleeding.  The secretions from the surgery were still flowing fast and thick.  There was a plan for the day but a lot of things were up in the air.

We asked you to pray.  We saw so many of our friends and family not only praying with us, but sharing Levi's blog and asking prayer from their own family and friends.  We felt the strength and support!  I'm pleased to announce that a mere 24 hours later, Levi has gotten much, much better!

Yesterday afternoon they attempted, and succeeded, in placing the GJ tube that will feed into the intestines, and feeds were started.  After he woke up from the procedure, he stayed awake for a while, looking around, more alert than I'd seen him since the surgery last week.  The continuous secretions coming from his nose and mouth suddenly started drying up, and although he still has some, it's much more manageable.  The coughing episodes have decreased in length, severity, and frequency.  He still needs Morphine a few times a day for pain, but it keeps him comfy.

This morning he is very alert.  He will no longer allow us to point his face downward so the secretions can drain out.  He's being stubborn, and I think that's a great sign that he feels better!  The oxygen he's been on constantly since the surgery, sometimes getting as much as 100%, has weaned down to room air and he's holding well on his own.  He's just breathing humidified air now, to keep his airway moist.  Best of all, he's been downgraded to TCU status, and we'll be moving up there sometime today!

God is so good!  Thanks to all our prayer warriors who have continued to pray for him through the years, and pressed in for us during this difficult time.  We appreciate you!

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